Not About Quality, This Weakness Liverpool Liverpool Line According Jurgen Klopp

Not About Quality, This Weakness Liverpool Liverpool Line According Jurgen Klopp

As if reluctant to hear criticism again about the back line of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp open vote by claiming Dejan Lovren et al just make a regular mistake due to lack of concentration when playing Agen Judi Bola.

Although still sharp as last season with a new front-line trio consisting of Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, Liverpool apparently still keep a gaping hole in their defense. So far there are 13 goals that nest to the reds of the seven competitive matches.

The last two games that counter Manchester City in the Premier League and Sevilla in the Champions League, Liverpool back line so the most highlighted. The Red Merseyside defender ranks are considered too dilapidated to concede a total of seven goals. City successfully shaved them with a score of 5-0 and Sevilla drew 2-2 at Anfield.

A number of parties including the legend of the club then busy to question the quality of players like Dejan Lovren, Joel Matip, and Ragnar Klavan. All three are considered not have enough skill to guard Liverpool’s defense.

But Klopp disagrees. He just pointed there are other factors that make his team’s goal vulnerable burst.

“Our mistake is to give you a chance to talk about it. It’s just a matter of concentration. All who ever play football must have lost the ball on several occasions, “said Klopp at a press conference ahead of Burleys counter duel.

“It’s not about the quality of players who huruk. Yes it is a matter of defense but not completely wrong the central defenders. They are just trying to deal with what other colleagues are doing, ”

“If there is a lack of quality then we certainly have got the solution. But if it does not exist then you should continue to work and that’s what we will do, “said the German architect.

Last summer Liverpool actually had a close news with Virgil van Dijk as a player who staying digadang able to overcome all the problems pertahana team, but the result is nil. The Dutch tall defender instead canceled the Anfield Gank costume due to an illegal approach which then forced Liverpool to cancel the interest. (Liverpool Echo)

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