PSM Makassar Ready Tempel Strict Bhayangkara FC

PSM Makassar Ready Tempel Strict Bhayangkara FC

Ambition of PSM Makassar to become champion back wide open after win over Persib Bandung 2-1, in the 29th week of League 1 at Stadium Mattoanging, Sunday (15/10) night.

PSM Makassar victory is quite dramatic, the host lagging behind first goal by Febri Hariyadi in the third minute. Then just four minutes later Zulkifli Syukur equalized. The winning goal of the Rooster from the East was printed by Pavel Puryshkin, one minute ahead of normal time ended exactly in the 89th minute.

This victory makes Juku Eja able to keep desperate to win the League 1 title. Additional three points raised Hamka Hamzah Cs position to rank three standings. PSM’s total points of 29 matches are 55, just four points behind leaders of the Bhayangkara FC standings, who at the same time lost at Barito Putera headquarters.

Victory over Persib while maintaining awesomeness Andi Mattalatta Stadium this season. Of the 14 games, PSM won 13 games and only one draw at home.

“We won this victory with hard work. But I also have to admit every team that wants to win does require luck, “PSM coach Robert Rene Alberts said.

Incidentally PSM Makassar will meet Bhayangkara FC in Bekasi, on Thursday (19/10). The Dutchman is targeting a victory in the game.

” Previous Bhayangkara lost to Barito Putra. I hope they lose again in the next game, “he concluded.

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